Fascinating Endless Running Games Available On All Game Stor

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Fascinating Endless Running Games Available On All Game Stor

Post by ClintonJMolina111 » Thu Nov 01, 2018 10:06 am

Get on an endless journey via Android game stores with these stunning running games. Relieve your stress and let the adventure begin!

The glamor of endless running games has never diminished. On all platforms, there are millions of players who spend hours just to run, run, and run!

So what made this a trend? That is the flexibility of these free Android games. One can enjoy the Temple Run during the short break and not worry about the plot or other factors. In addition, this type of game

makes the player feel free and satisfied.

That's not to mention endless games running without a specific goal. So they are simply created to make the user relieve stress. To get started as a professional runner, try downloading top endless running games

below on Android game stores!

Helix Jump

Helix Jump is an offline Android game and one of the most famous games is nowadays on the Android stores. This game was first released in early 2018 and quickly became a second Floppy Bird.

Helix Jump is designed with fairly modern and simple graphics. The objects inside the game are mixed with colorful tones. In this game, you will control a ball to jump vertically to reach the last floor. To reach the

goal successfully you will have to overcome all the obstacles on the way. On each floor, there will be several red traps. If you fall in here, you fail!

You will find it pretty easy to get through level 1 & 2 but don’t misjudge the game! As you continue to process, the game enhances its difficulty. Tons of barriers and advanced traps are added just to discourage you.

To master this title, there are a few tips and tricks that you would eager to know. We all know that if the ball falls on the red platforms then the game will end. However, you can still destroy these platforms by

using a three or more jump to destroy them. In addition, to achieve higher scores, you need to pass multiple platforms at once rather than one by one.

Besides Helix Jump, you can explore more Android games at the link Download apks.


(source: zephyrgame.com/[please do not post unlock codes]-game/enjoythecode/)

Alto’s Adventure

Alto's Adventure is one of the best APK games that takes you to the world of eternal falling snow. You will be skiing, slipping from morning to night and you will not be able to stop until you hit a random rock!

Alto's Adventure is the first product from a small independent developer named Snowman. The endless running gameplay is quite familiar with the games on the phone, but thanks to the detailed investment in the

graphics. And the efforts of the developers are rewarded when their games receive positive feedback from players or reputable review sites.

In this game, you will play the role of Alto - camel blanket, he lives on the plateau with camel blanket work. When you first play, the game will instruct you to slide as you touch the screen to jump up. Surprisingly if

you keep it long enough, you will perform a spectacular "Backflip". Also, you can slip on the ribbon or on the dome to make you feel like a pro!

Alto’s adventure does not provide any challenges to the players. The obstacles in the game are only a few rocks on the road and sometimes several deep canyons. It can be considered the most urgent thing when

the old village anger rides camel chasing you because of accidentally wake up their sleep. The gameplay is quite easy. But Snowman designed this in the first place to make the player feel comfortable, relaxed so

that anyone can enjoy skiing with Alto.

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

After the huge success of the incredible Sonic Dash, SEGA has officially released the sequel to this game called: Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom. Games are available extensively on all game f.o.r android stores.

For those who do not know about Sonic Dash 2, this is a title game inspired by the popular animated Sonic Boom. This means that the whole environment in the game including characters will be similar to what

from the TV show of the same name.

Inherit the graphics of the previous version, Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom still boasts a sharp 3D graphics combined with the bright colors. This gives the player a fascinating and exciting experience. As an endless-

runner game, the details of the game take place in a fast-paced with improved angle of rotation that helps players gain a more comprehensive view of the surrounding.


(source: adweek.com/digital/[please do not post unlock codes]-boom-races-onto-ios/)

With Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, gamers will be able to control up to 3 characters in each level. Along with that, players will have to skillfully switch between these three characters to take advantage of their special

abilities to score higher in each level.

If you want to get other Android games, you can go to the link Apk downloads latest.

Temple Run 2

We are certainly familiar with this game. Temple Run's successor, Temple Run 2 made a record at the time it debuted: 20 million downloads in just four days!

This endless running game for Android is a free ad-free game and also has no limit on play time. In fact, the original game was sold for $ 0.99 but after a while, it was free to get, You can download this offline

Android APK game on Google Play!

In the new release, Imangi Studios brings Temple Run 2 a better graphical interface, a more challenging game environment, and more levels of performance.

For the game to be easy, you should upgrade your skills. In the Powerups section, you can choose to upgrade Shield or Boost to increase your speed. Personally, I prefer to use Coin Magnet because it allows me to

focus on the track while consistently collecting the coins.

Super Mario Run

The legendary Mario now continues his journey on Android game stores. The plot in Super Mario Run remains the same as the original version. The game still starts in the Mushroom Kingdom and Princess Peach

remains in the hands of Bowser. Again, we will guide Mario to participate in the journey to save his great love.

Accordingly, the game remains the same form of a horizontal screen but instead of the player's comfortable control, the Mario just ran from the front. In addition to the ability to touch the screen to Mario jump up

so we will not be able to manipulate anything else in the journey of this guy.

Overall, Super Mario Run is a new game and worth a try even if it’s not a multiplayer Android game. Not requiring too much action so players can comfortably experience anywhere with just one hand is enough.


(source: game4v.com/game-mobile/[please do not post unlock codes]-[please do not post unlock codes]-[please do not post unlock codes].g4v)

Click the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ua3JWM-rHls to know more kinds of Android games.[/img]
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