How to fix id cd on power CDG Buner ?

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How to fix id cd on power CDG Buner ?

Post by TuongThuc »

I am in the middle of ripping all of my cdg disks using CDG Burner - and every now and then I am prompted to select 1 of several disk IDs for the disk I am attempting to rip. One of the disks had no clear ID on it, so I guessed at a selection for the disk ID, and I was wrong. But now the "select disk ID" dialogue box no longer appears when I insert the disk, as the software believes that it has the correct ID (because I mistakenly told it!).

So my question is: how can I erase a disk id from the memory of CDG burner 2?

Also, as an idea for an added feature: when I select a disk ID from the dialogue box, it would be nice if there was a preview pane for what the song titles are going to be if I choose that option...would make selecting the proper Disk ID easier.
thanks all!

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Re: How to fix id cd on power CDG Buner ?

Post by Piotr »

As of now it is not possible to update the database. We have been working on this issue for a while, hope we will reach the good solution soon.

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