SKP When I click settings it crashes

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SKP When I click settings it crashes

Post by Lowtech »

I am testing SKP, wanting to buy very soon but when I click on settings it crashes:


Running Windows 10 Pro 21H1 (19043.844)

Just for grins I built a Windows 10 VM without any patches and I was able to click settings. So there is something in a patch? What do you need from me to investigate?



PS: Love the Karaoke Creator Pro. Just bought it.

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Re: SKP When I click settings it crashes

Post by adam »

I am sorry for the problem. Please do the following:

1. Run the program
2. Click in the program main window
3. Press Ctrl+Shift+L
4. Message "Log enabled" should appear
5. Restart the program
6. Follow the actions leading to the problem
7. Exit the program
8. Go to My Documents (or Documents on Vista) -- you will find "sigloslog.txt" file there. Please email it to [email protected] together with the problem description.

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