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my shopping list

Post by hawke68 » Thu Dec 26, 2019 4:15 pm

Are the following items doable?

1. when auto add is on. the remote queue adds the new singer to the end of the rotation. could a check box be added to switch between that and the new singer position we have set in the add singer dialog. so we can 1st rotation add at the end. check that box at the end of the first rotation and have it add the new singer to the rotation the way they do when we manually add them.

2. allow a customizable message that goes out when we have the freeze box checked.

3. currently there is a message when the guest remotely requests the same song more than once. could that be expanded to sending a customizable message out to the guest when the same "song/artist" has been requested or sung during the current session (i notice these hilight in blue in the add singer dialog so i figured it would be doable)

4. on the current queue where the logged in guest can click the box and get to "move down/remove/move up" a song the have requested. could that be switched to a pop up menu listing all the songs they have requested that session and allow them to simply choose the one they want and save them a few clicks to get the song they want in that spot.

5. a pop up menu that comes up when we right click on a singer in the rotation that gives us the option to select either a random song from that singer's history or a random song from the entire database..or perhaps a button for each on the side and we just select the singer and click one of those buttons.

6. instead of 3 collection buttons could it possibly be 6 available buttons that come on the bottom of the screen in 2 columns?

' ___________ '

' ____________ '

' _____ _____ '

' _____ _____ '

' _____ _____ '

like that ^^^^^^^

Sorry.. got excited even more than normal about your software and i'm getting told a lot that i have the best show around. (i know some of that is just blowing smoke up my butt, but as i tell my guests the credit goes mainly to you guys for creating this phenomenal software.

There is also a glitch I previously mentioned about losing songs when sorting the columns in the users remote kiosk list..has that been looked at??

I almost forgot number 7
The column headers in the remote queue. Can they be static and stay visible so our guests who have a long list of songs they have done don't have to scroll all the way back to the top if they want to click on them to sort their list accordingly?

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Re: my shopping list

Post by Paradigm Karaoke » Mon Jan 13, 2020 1:09 am

great ideas on all of these.
to add a few that are really sticking out to me

1) the column headers in the rotation screen still reset to default any time a setting is changed. for example, chang ethe bartender name in the scrolling message, the columns reset.

2) can the auto add for singers be given an option to only allow auto add for those already in rotation?
this way we can put eyes on every singer, but once they are in the spot we want them their additional requests will just add to their spot, but not until we put them in their spot.

3) the auto add is a smidgen glitchy in a specific instance....
have lets say 10 people in rotation,
3 new singers add songs,
the auto add puts them 6 singers out
NS1 goes 6 singers out
NS2 goes 6 singers out pushing NS1 down one
NS3 goes 6 singers out pushing NS2 down 1 and NS1 down another one
now they are all in rotation, but backwards and lumped together.
my solution would be something like "add not before xx singers, but xx spaces after last new singer
since i do every other (ols singer, new singer) this would result in
NS1 in spot 6,old singer in spot 7, NS2 in spot 8, old singer in spot 9, NS3 in spot 10

4) can we customize the language on the request screen for the secret code and name?
daily i get asked "what's this secret code?, how do i get a secret code?....
i tell my singers to use the last 4 of their phone (I'll never get that name/number combo again)
allowing us to change the verbiage of the "slip" to suit our styles and areas could stop this.

5)new singer rotation position...
if a singer adds their song being logged in, their name does not show here. it only says "Position xx"
for one singer, not so bad, but when i have 15 logging in, you can see the mess it makes.
(I'll add this to the bugs thread as well)

6) request kiosk screen....
can all screens be set to also go back to the main menu after a set time like after submitting a song does?
for example, people use "current queue" it on kiosks, but leave it so all kiosks end up showing that and new singers get confused about what to do to get started. or they get left on the search page for my Spanish collection, and singers wonder why they can't find Garth Brooks.

7) current queue...
could a check box be added to allow this to show when logged in?

8) request limit....
could there be a big red pop up that tells people when they are trying to add a song beyond the limit?
the small print one looks just like the "request submitted" message and no one sees it.
maybe a custom message we add and a pop up box in big letters to say "you already have x songs in queue, please sing these before requesting additional songs" or something like that. again, a custom box where we can put our own text or even an image (something cool looking from photoshop like we can do with the backgrounds) would be great.

9) don't stop....
this program keeps getting better and better, don't stop what you are doing!

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Re: my shopping list

Post by Piotr » Mon Jan 13, 2020 12:45 pm

Guys, we will be releasing new builds on more regular basis starting from end of Jan, I will make sure that some of these things will make it to productions. I will surely come back here with questions :)

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Re: my shopping list

Post by Paradigm Karaoke » Wed Jan 15, 2020 2:04 am

sounds great Piotr!
we are ready to test them out when you are

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Re: my shopping list

Post by DFT » Tue Jan 28, 2020 3:29 pm

I'd like to add a couple things I'd requested before to dredge them back into the light of day.

1.) When you 'double click' on a Singer's name in the rotation, the 'Add Singer/ Song ...' window opens with the Singer's name highlighted in the Singer window. If you aren't very careful with the mouse/ scroll wheel you can easily skip to another singer by mistake.

I would like the behavior to have the cursor go to the Global search field instead. That way I wouldn't mistakenly change the singer and could immediately search for their song request if it is not already in their history window.

2.) Could you please add the stored Pitch value to the options available in the singer's history window.

Thank you.


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