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connectkaraoke idea

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ok Piotr, with the connectkaraoke service, does a database get uploaded at all to the site?
my thought is to allow people to see the songs (not reuqest obviously, but be able to search the DB) 24/7
multiple reasons...
1) people ask all the time if we have such and such song but not during shows, they can look anytime.
2) if they get to the venue before we are ready, they can browse for ideas
3) table tents and posters at venues can have the link so they can search songs on off days, potentially leading to new singers.

this also leads into my other related idea, allowing a "wish list" for them to see.
they hear a song on the radio
they go search the book and find it
the click the "wish" or "favorite" button to add it to a list of what they want to try
next time they come in... they don't have to remember the song, it's saved in their wish list
this also works for hearing another singer do it and saying "i want to try that next time"
as it stands, singers will come up next week and ask "what song did so and so sing last week"?
with this list, they can add it immediately to their wish list.


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Re: connectkaraoke idea

Post by djgaryc »

Good ideas - Especially the 24/7 browsing

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