What about NEO+G ?

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I also created the NCDG_0#.dat files and the NAVI.inf file using rmc.exe.
Used Nero 7 to burn, using data format on a dvd+r D/L disk. All appeared to work fine, but will not play in my RSQ-NEO+g player. All I get is an
smart Navi screen with a ? mark by the files. Any help would be greatly


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I am sorry, but we can help you with Power Karaoke software questions only.

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NEO G format

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There is now available a piece of software to convert NEO G into Mp3 G so that they can be played on computer.The product comes from a company called ROXBOX.I downloaded the trial software and it worked perfectly.As far as I am concerned the only way that makes sense is to run Karaoke from a hard drive based system.One can purchase all different kinds of so called Karaoke Juke boxes but they are too expensive and a laptop does a good job.One caveat is that Windows Vista is buggy and I would not ever again chance doing anything like Karaoke with it.XP Pro is the way to go.


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can a neo plus g be converted to cdg


Problem with burning [please do not post unlock codes] disc

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Everything goes great until when I burn the Neo-g disc. Instead of the disc being built as a neo-g disc, it creates NCDG video cd movies. I can't figure out why it's not burning into a neo-g disc. Can anyone help me?


Re: What about NEO+G ?

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Does anyone know where I can get rmc.exe for the rsq player?

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Re: What about NEO+G ?

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most likely from RSQ.
this is a forum for Power Karaoke software, not a hardware forum.


Re: What about NEO+G ?

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Joman wrote:
Tue Jul 16, 2019 2:14 pm
Does anyone know where I can get rmc.exe for the rsq player?
did you figure it out

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