Open File In Windows Explorer From SKP/ Delete Duplicates

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Open File In Windows Explorer From SKP/ Delete Duplicates

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This is a feature found in other karaoke programs such as PCDJ Karaoki.

From within SKP select a file/ song and open its location in Windows Explorer. This would be nested somewhere in the Song Database GUI. And of course, SKP already knows that path inorder to have included it in the database.


If you have duplicate files from loading either the same file from different disc releases by the same manufacturer (Sound Choice releases come to mind!) or from a different manufacturer, you may want to remove them from the hard drive ... not just the SKP database.

If you have an option after or as you delete a song from the SKP database to go to Windows Explorer and at same time delete file from the data base you save a great deal of time and frustration ... especially, if like me, you originally used sub-folders for each individual original disc's content.

Would others find this a useful house-keeping feature?