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Remote Admin

Post by andreramos »

Would it be possible to have:
- either an additional browser page with login for the KJ with admin functions (1)
- Additional admin functions (1) in the default browser page if the user is an admin

(1) I mean some functions that at the moment only work locally at the PC:
- Start
- Change rotation order
- Freeze / Go Offline
- Change the promo message (i.e. "Additional text on the end")

The above are the main annoying things when running a Karaoke show mingling with the clients and having to go back all the time to the PC. However it would also be nice to have the KJ functions relating to the remote queue winndow (at least confirm the requests when not in "Auto add")

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Re: Remote Admin

Post by Piotr »

This is something we are working on for a while now. Playback control will be available in both Siglos Pro and in Siglos, Pro version will have additional features.

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Re: Remote Admin

Post by BosseDorotea »

they sould consider the feature for an update this 2022 is already here

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Re: Remote Admin

Post by Paradigm Karaoke »

i love this idea

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