I regret purchasing this

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I regret purchasing this

Post by DJSuperManny »

This has to be the most frustrating program I've had to use. It's not user friendly, the controls are arbitrary at best, and support is just as ridiculous. This was probably a great program in 1997 but for the price they ask for, what you get isn't worth it. If its the only option you have, then go for it, but between the crashing and the controls it's more frustration that its worth. I wish I wouldn't have been so quick to trust and give them the benefit of the doubt. I never would have purchased the pro version.

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Re: I regret purchasing this

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have you sent a log of the crash to admin? they are active and respond quickly. i would not be relying on this software for my business if there was no help or it kept crashing. something is happening specific to your situation and they are more than willing to help, and they have helped us all in the past.
what issues are you having with the controls specifically?

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Hi - new VIP member as of yesterday but today, I cannot post replies for any VIP posts. Is there a daily limit or something? Of the posts I was able to access yesterday, they were GREAT

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