Karaoke Pro wont open after W10 update

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Tony 402
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Karaoke Pro wont open after W10 update

Post by Tony 402 »

My last purchase of Karaoke Pro was June 2015 and it has worked fine for my home purposes until last week. After what may have been a W10 update, the programme refused to open. I have the original .exe file so tried to reinstall but it still just refuses to open. I have also tried using the suggested registry fix.

I am aware that my purchase was for support for only a year so downloading the new version is not an option. I do not need all the new upgrades anyway, I would just like to go back to using the software I paid for, for just singing along at home, as I have always have. Is there anyone who can help me try to fix it? Or is this Power Karaoke's version of Apple Software in that I am being forced to purchase a new programme with advanced features that at nearly 70 years of age, I probably wont know or care to use anyway?!

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Re: Karaoke Pro wont open after W10 update

Post by adam »

I'm sorry, but there is not much that can be done when it comes to 2015 release as it is not supported any more. I recommend to renew the program license, and install its latest release. The renewal price in case of Siglos Karaoke Professional is only $29. Please visit "Renewals" section on Buy Now webpage to place an order.

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Re: Karaoke Pro wont open after W10 update

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hi Tony,
that Siglos release was before windows 10 got released.
Windows 10 changed a lot of things ans it is a completely different operating system than what had come before.
it isn't "Power Karaoke's version of Apple Software", in fact the problem is that Microsoft changed things so much on the operating system, that it no longer runs some older software correctly. there have been many fixes done to Siglos over the years to make up for what Microsoft broke, but unfortunately it seems the newest update changed some deep registry settings that the older versions of Siglos were never designed to handle...since the problems did not exist at that time.

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