Where is my unlock code?

Post here if you have purchased our software and not received the unlock key

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Where is my unlock code?

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If you have paid for our software and not received the unlock code, then please read on.

1. When will my unlock code arrive

We send the unlock codes by email not later than in 48 hours after the purchase. Usually the unlock code is sent on the same day or on the morning of the next day. So if you have purchased the software 5 minutes ago, please give us a little more time.

2. I have waited for two days and no code has arrived

Please send us an email and let us know of the situation. But please be aware of the following:

a) We send the unlock code by email, so you need to make sure that your email account will accept emails from us. If you have spam filtering software enabled then adjust it so emails from domain powerkaraoke.com will be let through.

b) If you have more than one email addresses, please let un know of them. Maybe the other one is not working properly or is not accepting emails from us.

c) If you have provided us with the telephone number, please listen to your voicemail. If we cannot reach you by email we try to call you.

d) If you have done all of the following then please post in this forum. Do not need give all you personal details here -- just enough to identify you. We will post back.

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Re: Where is my unlock code?

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i have never had to wait 48 hrs always got my unlock code immediately, must be covid lol :-)


Re: Where is my unlock code?

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Didn't receive any confirmation email after several hours.
Never had to wait before, and just making sure you received my re-order for support.
Zuesha [email protected]

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Re: Where is my unlock code?

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Unlock codes were e-mailed to you. Should you not receive them, please contact [email protected] directly.

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