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Remote Cue

Post by Alberta Redneck »

When using the remote cue when you select a song that you have sung before and have previously had the key turned down or up it does not show on the remote that this was done. However the program remembers this and does put this change in. It would be next time it is selected remotely that it shows what your previous selection was on the remote so you can change it to be different.

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Re: Remote Cue

Post by hornet59 »

I'm pretty sure it'll be an easy fix for Piotr. He's a magician at fixing these types of request.

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Re: Remote Cue

Post by Piotr »

I have added this to the list of things to fix.

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Remote Cue

Post by Ericklulse »

it means: ive thinked remote wipe was only mail data. But the result was full ROM reset. And the confirm was: two devices involved.

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