Always loved Siglos.. Should have never strayed

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Always loved Siglos.. Should have never strayed

Post by Krisko »

When I was first deciding on a progarm to use to run my shows, Siglos just stood out. Simple to use, features that were well thought out and just plain simple. I found alot of other programs convoluted and messy.

I would never end up running Siglos as my main, as I went Mac... Whoops 😂... Then when I realized my error and came back to windows, I would run JK2. 0 because of the Tricerasoft store attached to it. We all know how well that aged lol.

All these years later I came back to Siglos and as always it's a treat to use. Simple.. Well thought out.. And as always the solutions are so simply done and well executed it makes you wonder why others don't do it this way. The onboard Remote Request, which is a new feature for me on Siglos, is a shining example of that. I've used so many different solutions.. But this one just works.. And well.

Great job on the software Pilot Team. I'm happy to be back :)

Re: Always loved Siglos.. Should have never strayed

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Bahaha.. Supposed to read "Power Team". I need to sign up so can get an edit button lol
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