SKP Skipping Tracks

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SKP Skipping Tracks

Post by darkdoguk »

I'm using the latest version of SKP on Windows 10 and I use the playlist option to manage my show.
I like to drag and drop mp4 and avi video files into the playlist to use between singers.

I use the goto next to start the video but more often than not it skips the video and moves onto the next karaoke singer - missing out the video completely.

I can sometimes get around it by queuing the video track twice in succession and if it doesn't play the first time it generally works the second.

It's very random but it spoils my show...

Any suggestions?
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Re: SKP Skipping Tracks

Post by Piotr »

I understand that videos are listed correctly? Can you please send me the screenshot of how your screen looks before problem happens (it is likely to happen)? Also please send me the log file so I can recreate your settings. To do this:

1. Run the program
2. Click in the program main window
3. Press Ctrl+Shift+L
4. Message "Log enabled" should appear
5. Restart the program
6. Follow the actions leading to the problem
7. Exit the program
8. Go to Documents -- you will find "sigloslog.txt" file there. Please email it to [email protected]
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