Background Videos Cause SKP Application Issues

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Background Videos Cause SKP Application Issues

Post by Tech-95 »

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to use Siglos Karaoke Professional (SKP) at multiple events, and I found myself puzzled by the consistent problems I encountered. Every time I attempted to reserve a karaoke, the application would abruptly close without warning or froze. I reinstalled the application several times, but unfortunately, it didn't yield any successful results. These troubleshooting efforts were carried out on my laptop.

In light of these challenges, I decided to switch to a desktop computer, where the application worked flawlessly. It was at this point that I realized the key difference between the two environments: I had added several videos as "Background" elements to SKP on my laptop. Consequently, I made the decision to remove these videos and retain only the "Slideshow" configuration. Voilà! The problem was completely resolved on my laptop. Thankfully, I only invested about 10 minutes in this trial and error process, attempting to pinpoint the source of the issue. What mattered most was that I ultimately identified a significant bug within this particular aspect of the program.

It's worth noting that when I added videos as background elements to my desktop computer, the behavior mirrored the problem I encountered on my laptop. Furthermore, both of these computers are running a fresh installation of Windows 11 with the most recent updates installed. I attempted to explore alternative options within the Video Renderer or Video Resize settings, but alas, my efforts were in vain.

I sincerely hope that the SKP development team can promptly address this critical issue. I'm one of those who enjoy adding "Background" videos to my karaoke sessions, as I find this feature to be a beautiful way to enhance our presentations or events. Your prompt attention to addressing this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Background Videos Cause SKP Application Issues

Post by adam »

I am sorry for the problem. Please do the following:

1. Run the program
2. Click in the program main window
3. Press Ctrl+Shift+L
4. Message "Log enabled" should appear
5. Restart the program
6. Follow the actions leading to the problem
7. Exit the program
8. Go to My Documents (or Documents on Vista) -- you will find "sigloslog.txt" file there. Please email it to [email protected].
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