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Song Database

Post by Imstever »

I am a new user -

I attempted to import my song list which is all in .zip format. IT is all in one directory. The list is large, around 15,000 songs + 12,000 more within the same .zip file that are only music, no words.

When i started the program, I was asked it I wanted it all unzipped, I chose no but I am ok with unzipping if that will make things run smoother or better.

The program just kept spinning for three hours at which time I stopped it. IT failed. Most everything it looks like loaded nd I can see the songs in by title but not by artist at all.

Where did I go wrong and how can I fix this? Can I rerun it again will everything duplicate? Should I allow the unzip ? ? ?

I need some help here please ... I really appreciate it.... Can you please send a "Copy" of the response to my email too ? [email protected]

More Info needed

Post by Imstever »

Ok, so I got the database up now but the rtist search is not working because I can not get it to take te artist info.. I have tried the import song tool 5 ways to tuesday...

I tried editing the .db file but cna not find any software that like it and will open it...

I have some artist in but many will not take.. I tried many ruels and such ... I did custom... nothing works...

HELP ?? Please ???

SC, Best, DG, . . . none are getting puled in ... All are zipped remember...
I tired with and without tags....

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Post by adam »

Are the database fields filled in properly? If not, you need to make sure "Name parsing rule" matches exactly the format of filenames you are importing.
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Post by Dana48457 »

Try to do a artist search in the title box. If you find the artist there they you have not set the rule correctly for the importing of song. Every song must have the same format for the name Mine are as this
Disk number - Artist - Title and I leave the rest blank
Sc 2747 - Jones, George - Grand Tour

everything in the title must and I mean Must match exactly. Even the space's If they are not all set up this way them they all go to the title of the song data and you will find them there.
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Re: Song Database

Post by JennyMalin »

This is what I have been missing out on!
Lucky to have encountered this forums and so cool to have you.
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