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Fill In List

Post by Paradigm Karaoke » Sun Mar 01, 2020 5:00 pm

i think i mentiond this a long time ago so wanted to re-up it.
can the fill in music be set to use random to shuffle the physical list as happes in Windows Media Player?
the random algorythm is still playing many repeats (last night it played the same song twice in a row).
this would allow more control in more than one way.
1) the random algorythim only has to shuffle once, not after every song, eliminating the repeat problem entirely.
2) the order becomes visible and therefor we can make a quick adjustment without screwing up the algorythm (eg want to play a certain song next or a short dance break we can just add the few songs next)
3) giving the option to shuffle on startup would ensure a completely different list each show.

along with this, can the fill in list also have a folder scanned on startup?
for instance, i add new songs to a cloud folder at home that syncs with my host computer at the venue. right now i delete the old list and re-add the folder to get all the songs just added. if the folder scans and adds new songs on startup like SKP does with karaoke tracks in th elive folder, it would be a great addition.

one more part of this, harder to explain
when i need a song next, or want to add songs for a dance break, i drag and drop them next in the fill in list.
but, every time i drop, the list jumps back to the top.
so, if i have 100 songs, and i take song 87 and drag it up as far as i can (maybe 12 spaces) and let go, the list jumps to the top. now in order to move that track higher to where i need it, i have to scroll down to find the song and move it a little more.
i CAN use the search function, but that confuses the random algorythm and inevitably it plays the same songs over again because the order of tracks has changed, but not the number of tracks, so it doesn't know that the track in space 12 is what used to be in space 11 and was already played.
for this, also a simple right click "make this song next" would work (or a gold star like in the rotation window :mrgreen: woudl also work)

that's enough for this novel.... thanks for all your work on this guys, every release is better and better.