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Batch MIDI import

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Sometimes it is necessary to convert several MIDI Karaoke songs into karaoke videos. This process cannot be fully automated, however Karaoke Video Creator gives you the possibility to convert a batch of KAR songs without any user intervention. These songs can be opened and edited later to make sure they play correctly. Batch conversion saves time -- you do not have to select the songs and wait till they are recorded as WAV files, instead you choose the songs and let Karaoke Video Creator convert them all in a single process.


Important: Make sure that your MIDIs are being converted correctly using Import MIDI Karaoke Wizard before using this feature.


To convert a batch of KAR songs select Batch MIDI Karaoke Convert command from File menu. Batch KAR Conversion dialog box will appear.




Add the files to convert using Add button. Note that you may add several files at once.


If you would like to remove any of the files, use Remove button.


Output directory points to the directory that will contain all WAV, PK2 and video files created during the conversion.


If you do not want to be warned that files are getting overwritten, check Overwrite existing files without prompting.


Checking Create .PK2 files option makes sure that every song is saved in .PK2 document. This option makes possible to open and edit converted files afterwards.


Selecting Don't show error messages ensures uninterrupted processing, but may result in bad results if some of MIDI files contain errors.


All video tracks are created using the current settings. You may modify it using Video Settings command from Create menu.