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Karaoke CD+G Creator

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Adjusting program settings

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To adjust Karaoke CD+G Creator settings select Preferences from File menu.




General settings

Synchronization response delay

For an average person it takes approximately 150 milliseconds to react to a sound stimulus. To compensate for this ‘response delay’ synchronization labels placed with space bar during synchronization process are placed in a 150 ms time shift.


Synchronization preview accuracy

This setting determines how often the lyrics highlighting is refreshed during playback.


Animate shortcut bar

This option allows to disable animation in the shortcut bar. You need to restart Karaoke CD+G Creator for the change to take effect.


Check for updates on exit

Karaoke CD+G Creator can prompt to check if updates are available -- you may disable this feature here.


Lyrics Editor


pro only Note: This option is available in Pro version only.


Here you can set font and codepage used by the lyrics editor, and also enable right-to-left text flow. It can be useful with Far Eastern (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) or right-to-left languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi) languages.


Color scheme button opens Lyrics editor colors window where you can edit colors used in lyrics editor. You may use one of the predefined schemes or define and save your own.


pro only Note: This option is available in Pro version only.