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Advanced lyrics import

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pro only Note: This feature is available in Pro version only.


Import lyrics with timing command from Toolbox menu allows to import the lyrics stored in a text file along with the synchronization information.


The sample text file might look like this:


00:16.540 00:16.840 On

00:16.842 00:17.100 a

00:17.102 00:17.360 dark

00:17.362 00:17.660 desert

00:17.666 00:17.800 highway\n

00:19.010 00:19.300 Cool

00:19.429 00:19.521 wind


It contains the start and the end time of a word. The end of the line is marked by \n symbol.


After the import is complete you may review the results by playing the file or inspecting time labels in the soundtrack panel.




Lyrics file

Select the text file containing the lyrics.


File preview

Here you can see the contents of the selected file.


Time format

Choose the appropriate time format. Following formats can be used:





milliseconds only




File format

Select the format of the file. Following settings are available:


Begin time only

File contains only the start time of the word

Begin and end times

File contains both the start and the end time of the word



Choose the separator between start time, end time, and text. The defaults are any space or tab characters.


Max word length

If no end time for the word is given, PowerKaraoke assumes that the ending time is the beginning time of the next word, but word duration cannot be longer than value specified by this option.


New line

Enter the text string that is used to mark a new line of text. By default it is '\n'.