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Removing vocals

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Power Vocal Remover is a tool that allows removing a lead vocal from a stereo recording. It bases on a common technique used in song mastering – lead vocal is usually mixed equally between both stereo channels.

To start Power Vocal Remover click Vocal Remover button on the toolbar (toolbar-vocalremover) or select Vocal Remover from Toolbox menu.






Here you may select the input and the output of the processing. By default the input file is the current soundtrack and the output name is created by appending –VR to the input name.


By selecting Replace the soundtrack with the output file you may automatically change the soundtrack to the result of the processing.



Vocal Remover has several parameters.


Level controls the intensity of the effect. By default the reduction is as heavy as possible.


Changing Balance can give better results with songs where vocals are panned to one of the channels.


Attenuation allows to increase the volume of the output if necessary.


Bass boost and Treble boost control the amount of low and high frequencies that are left untouched by the algorithm. Enabling them usually improves the quality of the vocal removed material.



Play/Stop button starts the playback and allows to perform a real time tuning of the effect. You may change the playback position by clicking on the progress bar left to the button.


Usage tips

Vocal Remover gives good results for many CD tracks. You need to remember that it is not a magic tool and will not work if vocals are mixed in non-standard way. Sometimes the song is produced in a different way and sound effects (reverb or chorus) applied to the lead vocal disturb the algorithm. And also MP3 files usually do not give good results as compression changes the internal structure of the recording, so it is best to use WAV files created from CD tracks (converting MP3 to WAV will not improve quality).