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Import MIDI karaoke

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MIDI files are ideally suited for karaoke -- they do not contain vocals, and they can be easily found on the internet. And a lot of them contain synchronized lyrics. The most common file extension for MIDI Karaoke files is KAR, but many MID files also contain lyrics.


Karaoke CD+G Creator has Import MIDI Karaoke Wizard that will assist you in process of converting MIDI karaoke to CD+G.


To start Import MIDI Karaoke Wizard click Import MIDI Karaoke Wizard toolbar button (toolbar importmidiwizard) or select Import MIDI Karaoke Wizard command from File menu.


Select files


midiwizard files


You have to provide the input KAR file -- use [...] button next to input file to locate the file you would like to convert.


Karaoke CD+G Creator can help you to find MIDI Karaoke songs on the Internet -- click Search the web for MIDI karaoke songs button. You can learn more about searching for MIDI karaoke on the web in Search for MIDI karaoke on the web section.


Karaoke CD+G Creator need to record MIDI as WAV file. By default this file will be created in the same directory as the source KAR file. Use [...] next to output file to modify this directory if necessary.


When you have selected the source KAR file click Next button.



Karaoke CD+G Creator need to record MIDI output as WAV input.


midiwizard render


Karaoke CD+G Creator will start MIDI file playback. If everything is configured correctly you should hear the music and see green and red bar moving in Recording level control.


Some soundcards do not expose appropriate inputs to Karaoke CD+G Creator. If sliders are grayed out and Recording level control does not display anything you need to adjust MIDI recording input manually. To do this click Open mixer button. Windows sound mixer will appear.


mixer play


First you will have to modify playback settings. Note that the title says Play Control. Make sure that MIDI is not muted.


Now it is time to modify recording settings. To do this select Properties command from Options menu.


mixer properties menu


Properties dialog box will appear.


mixer properties


Under Adjust volume for change mode from Playback to Recording. Make sure that MIDI input is selected in Show the following volume controls list. Click OK to return to Recording Properties.


mixer recording


Now make sure that MIDI is selected as an active input and return to Karaoke CD+G Creator. Recording level control in Import MIDI Karaoke Wizard should become active.


Unfortunately some soundcards do not allow MIDI to WAV recording. If you are unable to enable MIDI recording you might try to connect the output of the soundcard to the input with a piece of wire (usually two mini-jacks wire should do). It should not degrade the sound too much. You may also try to use software MIDI synthesizer. In case of doubt please contact Karaoke CD+G Creator support.


When everything is set up correctly click Finish.



Karaoke CD+G Creator now records MIDI to WAV file. It will take exactly the same time as needed to play the MIDI file.


Lyrics import

After importing audio it is time to import lyrics. Karaoke CD+G Creator will do this automatically. If there are any problems with import you will be displayed an appropriate message.



You have successfully imported MIDI karaoke file. You have soundtrack and synchronized lyrics, so you may follow next steps as described in Create CD+G Song tutorial.


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