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Set Text Area event

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pro only Note: This event is available in Pro version only.


Using this event you may display the image and the text on screen at the same time. It also allows to change the portion of the screen that is used to display the lyrics.




If you choose to display the image, it will be painted according to the selected options and will not be erased. The lyrics will appear at the defined area. Using this setting you may display the banner on the top of the text or an image anywhere on the screen.


Clear screen or Display image event resets the text area to the full screen.


Note: If the selected display mode is other than Overwrite, the image will be visible only on the first page.




Display image

Select the image you would like to appear on screen. You need to select the image file using Properties button before Display Image checkbox becomes active.


Properties button will open Display image dialog box, the same as for Display Image event.


Note that you the erase mode will not be used event if you define it, as the image will stay on screen.


Use all available area

Select this option if you want text to use all the screen that is not used by the image.


Copy to custom area

This button will set the custom area dimensions to the area not used by the image.


Define custom area

Using this option you may define the rectangle that will contain the lyrics. It may be useful if you want the lyrics to appear in the middle of the picture or simply move the text a little to the right. The full screen has width of 288 and height of 192 pixels.


The custom area is visualized by the blue frame (black area represents full screen). You may modify it by dragging the edges of the frame.


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