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Karaoke Sound Tools



Merge allows to combine several karaoke songs into one karaoke medley.


First you need to add songs to the list. You may use Add button or drag and drop them onto Karaoke Sound Tools window. Merge support MP3+G, ZIP, and BIN file formats. You may rearrange the order of the songs by dragging them on the list.


The output format is always MP3+G. You may change the settings for MP3 compression using MP3 Settings button.


It is possible to remove dead air between merged songs. To do this enable Skip silence at the beginning of the song (this removes initial silence) and Skip silence at the end of the song (to cut the song as the music ends). Due to the limitations in CD+G format usually it is impossible to cut exactly at the desired point, as the entire screen need to be painted. Karaoke Sound Tools tries to do as good job as possible.