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Power SCDG Ripper

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Welcome to Power SCDG Ripper

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Thank you for choosing Power SCDG Ripper.


Power SCDG Ripper allows you to save karaoke tracks from SCDG discs to hard drive of your computer.


SCDG discs contain hudreds of songs. Power SCDG Ripper displays the list of the songs on a disc and allows to select songs you want to copy.


How to copy songs from SCDG discs in couple simple steps:


1.Start Power SCDG Stamper. Main window will appear.



2.Insert SCDG disc in CD/DVD drive

3.Select the drive letter from a menu using arrow in Location of SCDG disc.
If you have copied content of the disc to the hard drive, you may use Browse to point to that folder.

4.Power SCDG Ripper will read the table of content and display the songs from the disc in Track list.

5.To copy a track you need to check it. As SCDG disc can contain over thousand of songs, Power SCDG Ripper allows to search for songs using Search filter field. Enter any text there and only songs containing that text will be displayed. You may enter several words and songs containing all of them will be listed.
You may also sort track list by clicking on column heading.
Check All and Clear All buttons allow to check all songs and clear any checked songs respectively.

6.By default songs are ripped to subfolder created in Documents folder. You may change this by clicking Browse button next to Rip folder.

7.Power SCDG Ripper supports several file formats that you may use for ripped songs. Available formats include MP3+G, ZIP (zipped MP3+G), BIN, and MCG+MP3.
Power SCDG Ripper reads MP3 files directly from SCDG disc, so the quality of them depends on the original encoding (it is 128kbps for most SCDG discs).

8.Power SCDG Ripper automatically creates names for files it writes. You may modify the file mask. Following rules apply:
       {Artist} will be replaced with artist name (artist name has to be separated by '/' [slash] from track title)
       {Title} will be replaced with title (title has to be separated by '/' [slash] from artist name)
       {Number} will be replaced by track number.

9.When the songs you need are selected click Rip button. Ripping is usually fast and takes less than a second per song.