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Getting karaoke songs

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Internet is full of MIDI karaoke files and Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder provides a simple tool to help you find them.


To start MIDI karaoke web search select Search for karaoke on the Internet command from Tools menu.




To start the search you need to provide artist name and the title of the song. Note that the song title does not have to be complete -- you may enter just first couple of words.


Search engine combo allows you to change the place that you will use to search for files. You may try changing search engine if you are not getting the results you need.


Clicking on OK button will open the search in your web browser. Once you find the file save it to your hard disc and open it later using Load file button.


Disclaimer: Doblon does not provide MIDI karaoke files. They are provided by various websites that are not affiliated with us.


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