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Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder 2

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Audio Processor

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Siglos Audio Processor allows you to mix your voice with the music and create an MP3 file you may share with your friends.




Siglos Audio Processor may be run automatically after recording is finished, or you may choose to start it anytime using Siglos Audio Processor command from Record menu. It requires two input files: music (usually your backing track), and vocal (your recorded singing). Music may be BIN, WAV, or MP3 file, and vocal may be MP3 or WAV.


Note: Siglos Audio Processor will not work with MIDI karaoke (MID and KAR), and with tracks from CD+G disc. If you would like to process songs from CD+G discs you need to save them to your hard disc first.



For both music and vocal you may adjust mix level -- the higher it is the louder will it sound in the result file. Please note that choosing to high mixing levels may result in audio distortion.


Key change is used if key changer was enabled when you recorded your singing.


Time offset allows to compensate for sound card recording latency -- if your singing is out of sync with the music you may use this slider to fix it.


Reverb adds a reverb to your voice. You may switch it off or modify its intensity.



Siglos Audio Processor may save the result to MP3 file (you may adjust compression parameters using Settings button) or to WAV file. The name and location of the output file may be changed in Output section.



Preview section allows to listen to the processing results before processing the entire file.


To hear what the processed song would sound like click Play result button. The playback will start -- Current position slider represents the playback position. You may move it by dragging the slider's thumb. To hear the original song click Play original button -- you may switch between result and original song.


You may modify the settings during playback -- you will hear the change nearly immediately.


If Play in loop is selected, the playback will start over after it has reached the end. You may use Loop start and Loop end sliders to define the part of the song you would like to listen to.