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Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder 2

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Recording settings

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Before you start please make sure that you have microphone connected to your computer. The microphone input is usually pink on your soundcard panel at the back of your computer. If you have more than one soundcard in your computer please choose the one you wish to use in Windows' Control Panel/Sound and audio devices/Audio as a default recording input.

To adjust recording settings choose Settings (button-settings) button and then choose Recording.




You will see the name of the active recording device (soundcard) and the active input. You may need to change the input to the microphone. Now test the recording level -- say something to the microphone and Recording preview should display the green bar. You may use Input level slider to adjust the level of the recording -- if it is too low you will not hear it and if it is too high it will distort. You may also control the recording level using Recording level slider (button-recording-level) of the main Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder window.


If you cannot hear what you are saying to the microphone you may need to enable microphone output on your soundcard. To do this click Open mixer button and standard Windows' mixer will appear. Now make sure that Microphone input is not muted (if you cannot see it choose Options/Properties and check the enable to microphone input).


File settings section allows you to select the format that Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder will use to save your voice. MP3 is selected as default. You may also define where the file with your voice will be stored -- but default Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder creates My Karaoke subfolder under My Documents.