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Local Network

Local server port defines TCP port used by web interface. This port must be open in firewall


Local server network allows to select the network interface used by Siglos. This allows to use one interface to connect your laptop to the internet (don't select it here) and use the second one for local server (this should be selected here).


Client URL is an address that customers should enter in their mobile phone browser to open the remote interface. If you are using this in a kiosk setup, or if you are providing your devices for the customers, you may choose to use the interface with cookies always disabled (this ensures that user's data is not stored in the browser)


Siglos can generate QR code that contains the client URL. You may display it and users can scan it with their phones.

Use query cache is a setting that affects the speed of browsing of the songs. If cache is disables, Siglos prepares a fresh list of songs based on user criteria every time request is made. With cache enables queries that are single letters or pair of letters are prepared and kept in memory, so they are presented to the user much faster. Cache is build after the program starts and for approx. 100K songs it takes 5 minutes before it is ready on a regular computer.


As it takes a while to create the cache Siglos can save cache to disc once it is created and preload it on the next run. It will rebuild the cache, but queries will run fast from the start. You can disable this functionality using Store query cache from the last run and load before generating option.


Enable internet server turns the connection on and off

Web server to use allows to choose the server if more than one is available

API key is obtained from your Connect Karaoke account page and allows Siglos to identify itself on the server

Test connection button will check, if everything is correct

Your show name is the name you define on your Connect Karaoke account and which will be used by users to enter your show

Direct URL allows direct access to your show, but customers still have to enter your show's code if enabled

Direct URL (no code) skips code input and provides direct link


Allow cookies enables user names and password storage on client machines. You can override this using one of the links generated on Network page.


Max number of requests limits how many requests can be in the queue. If the limit is reached, users cannot add songs.


Max number of requests per singer limits the number of requests singer can place. When a song is sung, singer can place next request.


When Auto add is enabled in Remote Queue window requests are automatically processed and songs are added to the rotation. You may disable this feature with the following conditions:


Pause when remarks entered : if singer enters anything in Remarks section

Pause when singer not matched : if singer is not matched agains any singer from the database

Pause when song has duplicates : if more than one version of the song exists


Keychange steps allowed defines the number of semitones to modify the song that user can request


If you disable Require secret code option, user will not have to enter the code when making requests, but this will also cause adding new singer with each request. This works best for automatic kiosks. You may also choose if singers are required to provide unique names.


Enable 'This is my first request tonight' field shows appropriate checkbox under the singer's name when adding a song. Requests with this option selected will be displayed in light blue on the list of requests. You may also choose to force new singers to provide unique name, so you do not have four Toms in the rotation.


Require initial after space in singer name will force singers to add extra letter after name, so you do not have only single names in the rotation. This would work well with any of the name checking options.


Page color and Text color are the colors used in remote interface


Song list presentation section allows to fine-tune the page. Options are:


Show on-screen keyboard : with this enabled Siglos will add keyboard buttons to the search screen (use if remote device you are using does not provide an on-screen keyboard)


Show disc IDs : names of discs will be displayed to the user


Merge duplicates (same song and artist name) : the same song from different discs will be listed only once


Hide incomplete (blank artist or song) : songs missing some information will be hidden from the user


Detect commas in artist names (Beatles, The -> The Beatles) : artist names will be displayed in more readable form


If you choose to include the most popular songs, here you can define the Number of most popular songs to display and number of days to go back and make the statistics.


If you choose to display the singer's queue, you may define the maximum number of songs and allow only the first song for each singer to display (this is overriden if the user is logged in).


Title page

This window allows to define the first page that the users see. You can select which buttons will be available, you can rename them and you can modify the initial message displayed (it can be either a text or a image).


You may also choose a separate image that can be displayed in the background of the title page.
Collections allow you to assign custom buttons to song subsets, for example duets or love songs. You can define collections in Song Database window.