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Display settings controls the way karaoke lyrics are displayed.


Display section

Quality defines number of frames per setting for the karaoke display. If you are working on a slower machine try decreasing this value to get better performance.


If Use secondary monitor is selected and your computer is equipped with two monitors, full screen mode will use the second monitor. You may choose which monitor should be used in the full screen mode.


Start in Full Screen mode causes Siglos Karaoke Professional to start in full screen mode.


Background section

Siglos Karaoke Professional has three background modes:


·Solid color background (choose a color for MIDI karaoke, for CD+G the background color from the file will be used)
·Gradient background (smooth transition from the color at the top to the color at the bottom)
·Image slideshow (you may define images to be used in the slideshow, select the display time of the single image, and choose to display the images in the random order)


You may also choose an image to be displayed instead of default black background on the playback screen. This may be your logo or some other information. To do this select image to display using [...] button in Inactive background section.


MIDI section

You may change the font used for MIDI karaoke lyrics, change the number of lines on the screen, and define the lyrics location (top, bottom, or middle of the screen).


International character support


If Siglos Karaoke Professional incorrectly displays MIDI files containing international characters (eg. Chinese), please make sure that you select appropriate script and font face that contains international characters.

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