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Song database

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Siglos Karaoke Professional stores the list of the songs in your collection inside a database. The database contains the information about the songs, it does not contains actual song files, which need to be stored on the hard disc of your computer. Siglos Karaoke Professional supports following file formats:


File extension



Also known as MP3+G. CDG files are usually paired with MP3 files. CDG file contains lyrics, while MP3 file contains audio of the song. To open a pair of MP3/CDG files you need to open CDG file only


BIN files contain both lyrics and audio of CD+G song


Karaoke ZIP files contain pairs of CDG/MP3 files


CD+G disc tracks

.kar, .mid

MIDI Karaoke


AVI video files


MPG video files


MTU's Hoster files


Windows Media Video files




To add songs to the database you need to run the song import process. Once the songs are successfully imported you may use them in your karaoke shows. You may also browse, modify, and remove songs in the database. It is also possible toexport the list of the songs in the database to print the song book.


The database is kept in siglos.db file located in My Karaoke subfolder of your Documents folder. It is a good idea to back this file up from time to time, as if it is deleted or corrupted you will loose your song collection.


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