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CD+G Software

If you're an ardent karaoke fan, there are high chances that you have karaoke software installed on your computer to enjoy your favorite pastime from the comfort of your own home. Indeed, the modern IT market offers a rather wide selection of powerful, yet affordably priced computer karaoke software solutions for various needs and budgets. While playing karaoke discs on your PC or laptop, haven't you thought how great it would be to create your own karaoke discs for an ultimate karaoke singing experience? It will also allow you to forget about the necessity to drive around local music stores for specific karaoke discs containing favorite songs.

Would you like to know how to make a CD+G karaoke disc using your computer standard functionality? PowerKaraoke.com is here to give you the right answer by providing the most sophisticated, multifunctional CD+G software solution to make karaoke discs in a few mouse clicks. From now on, you can create discs with an exclusive content to build your own custom karaoke CD+G collection or make a unique, personalized gift to your friend who is also passionate about karaoke singing.

In fact, our Power CD+G Burner is an all-in-one program enabling to burn karaoke CD+G discs on your PC and save (rip) CD+G tracks to your hard disc. This smart solution supports virtually all popular karaoke formats, including BIN, CD+G, MP3G, ZIP, KMA and MCG and performs smoothly on any standard CD/DVD-drive. In such a way, karaoke creating process is no longer a challenge, but rather a matter of just selecting files you would like to burn and clicking a button.

Additionally, when you burn karaoke CD+G discs on your PC, you can retrieve song and artist names due to the built-in facility of FreeDB online database lookup. Our advanced software for CD+G discs burning also features a label printer to print custom labels for your CDs and file converter allowing to change file formats of entire directory trees.

It really doesn't matter, whether you are a karaoke amateur willing to improve your singing skills or a professional karaoke jockey facing the necessity to create custom karaoke discs, Power CD+G Burner by Power Karaoke will address any your related requirements to the fullest.

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