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CD+G Burner Software

Karaoke, as an entertainment medium, provides an extensive range of advantageous opportunities to let people enjoy the fascinating power of singing. With the appearance of special karaoke software for computers the popularity of this pastime has increased even more. If compared to bulky karaoke machines that usually cost a fortune, computer karaoke provides much more benefits, while working on your standard home PC.

Power Karaoke takes special pride by offering you a comprehensive selection of advanced karaoke solutions to add ultimate functionality to your home computer and allow you to sing along from the comfort of your own home. From now on there is no need to spend a fortune on professional hardware or special devices as Power Karaoke programs run effectively on almost any standard PC.

As you probably know, most of karaoke songs are available in CD+G format as it implies that music is played along with graphics and lyrics being displayed. Unfortunately, standard computer media players are not able to play these files. This is where a karaoke burner may come in handy as an efficient solution compatible with virtually all known karaoke song formats. With the help of CD+G burner you can burn any of your favorite karaoke songs to your PC and easily copy CD+G files to your hard drive. Just follow our step-by-step tutorials and you will learn how to save karaoke songs in a few mouse clicks.

While using our Karaoke CD+G Creator you can avoid purchasing costly karaoke CDs and eliminate possible hassles, while searching for a song that is not available out there. You can easily remove leading vocals from your desired song, enter lyrics and enjoy singing along your favorite tracks with the tool.

Advanced options coming with any of karaoke solutions allow you to play, save, create CD+G songs, adjust the music to you voice and record your singing in a few easy steps. Take advantage of our sophisticated programs by downloading free trial versions before initial purchase.

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