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Karaoke from Laptop: Best DJ Karaoke Software from Power Karaoke

Karaoke from Laptop

If you love karaoke singing, you are probably fully engaged in karaoke shows where you can demonstrate your skills performing favorite songs in front of a wide audience. Have you ever noticed a person, who plays and manages the music for a venue? This is a karaoke jockey or KJ. Actually, being a karaoke DJ is an exciting activity since you not only get some income, but also have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy more fun and make new friends.

Would you like to start a successful KJ career? First of all, you need a set of professional equipment that usually includes a karaoke machine and monitor, microphones and a large collection of karaoke CDs. Can't afford to purchase a complete karaoke system needed for starting your own KJ business? Don't worry! Welcome to Power Karaoke! Here you can learn how to become a karaoke DJ with minimum hassles and efforts involved.

We are glad to offer you Siglos Karaoke Professional - a powerful karaoke show manager solution that allows you to use your computer to run professional karaoke shows. While having both professional and basic modes of operation, the program is designed to be suitable for everyday use and hosting great karaoke parties at the same time.

One of the most important things for KJs is to have a large collection of karaoke songs. Our DJ karaoke software solution has a powerful build-in module that will scan your hard disc and index karaoke files allowing you to find any track in a matter of seconds. Since you can store a library of karaoke songs on your laptop, you avoid the necessity to carry hundreds of discs risking their damage and loss. Moreover, there are no limitations on karaoke tracks you can play as Siglos Karaoke Professional offers support for various karaoke formats including MP3G, ZIP, BIN, MIDI Karaoke, KMA, MCG and even video formats like AVI and MPEG.

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