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Did you despair that your current karaoke machine doesn’t allow you to play some modern karaoke formats and run your own karaoke shows in the way you want? Do you feel the necessity of professional karaoke software for your KJ career? You’ve come to the right place! PowerKaraoke.com is ready to offer you a full-featured KJ software solution Siglos Karaoke Professional that will let you run a karaoke show from your laptop in a matter of a few easy steps.

Actually, our all-in-one KJ software is designed to use all the power of your standard computer and direct it to help you accomplish related KJ tasks. Siglos Karaoke Professional comes with the fullest possible toolkit to make it a real pleasure to run a karaoke party from your laptop and also includes the range of innovative options such as singer announcements, song silence detector, key and tempo changer and many others to make your karaoke show an unforgettable event.

For your ultimate convenience, we’ve equipped our KJ software solution with a powerful database search option that will scan your hard disc, index karaoke songs and then provide you with a search interface to find songs in a matter of seconds. Besides, if you for some reason have to leave the show for a couple of minutes, this professional karaoke software solution allows to run a karaoke party from a laptop on an autopilot mode: it will display singer announcement for a predefined amount of time and then will start a song.

As with any other occupation or business, a KJ profession also requires timely improvements and use of modern technologies to keep up with the latest trends. When it comes to choosing the best professional karaoke software solution for your KJ business, Siglos Karaoke Professional can be an ideal option for you.

You also have a wonderful oppotunity to download a free trial version of our software to try its functionality and performance before initial purchase.

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