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Laptop Karaoke

Do you enjoy being the one of those karaoke DJs working with bulky karaoke machines and constantly dealing with hundreds of karaoke discs risking their damage and loss? Probably, you wish you can cut down on your expenses and reduce the amount of equipment you need for running professional karaoke shows. Power Karaoke is here to provide you with Siglos Karaoke Professional � full-featured laptop karaoke software allowing usage of a laptop to host karaoke shows in the professional and cost-effective manner.

Actually, Siglos Karaoke Professional is an all-in-one karaoke solution designed to play karaoke from a laptop, portable PCs and your home computer for organizing professional level karaoke shows. Our advanced laptop karaoke program allows you to play virtually any karaoke format including MP3+G, ZIP, BIN, MIDI karaoke, KMA and even video formats like AVI and MPEG without any hassles. Moreover, by using a laptop to host karaoke shows, you can store a lot of karaoke songs on the hard drive and have a large karaoke music library without the need of carrying a bulk of CD+G discs.

In addition, this professional karaoke software for KJs comes with a variety of exclusive features to run flawless karaoke shows whenever you need. Siglos Karaoke Professional includes powerful song database allowing finding any song in a matter of a few seconds, automatic singer rotation management that keeps singers queue in order, singer announcements and many more advanced features.

Powerful laptop karaoke software from Power Karaoke provides you with virtually unlimited options to run karaoke parties much easier and make your shows unmatched and enjoyable by all.

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