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Video Karaoke Creator

What can be more enjoyable than a party with your friends where you can sing karaoke versions of popular songs created by own hands? Now you can enhance your karaoke experience by learning how to make karaoke video files and karaoke versions of your favorite songs with creative graphics and movies. Power Karaoke is ready to provide you with Karaoke Video Creator � professional video karaoke software allowing you to create karaoke videos with minimum efforts from your side.

Be assured, our powerful video karaoke creator includes all the options needed to make a karaoke video of professional quality that is fully compatible with Video CD and DVD standards. While enabling you to create karaoke videos in popular AVI and MPEG formats using any MP3 or WAV files as a soundtrack, Karaoke Video Creator allows you to remove singer’s voice from any non-karaoke recordings with the help of built-in Vocal Remover.

Whether you are a professional or home singer, you can take advantage of our video karaoke creator for any related needs. Karaoke Video Creator is a user-friendly solution coming with a handy interface and step-by-step tutorials to create karaoke videos fast and easily. You can also use various images and text effects to fine-tune your karaoke videos and songs without any hassles.

If you love karaoke and look to expand your karaoke music collection, you’ve come to the right place. While providing karaoke fans with a range of professional karaoke products, Power Karaoke offers you all-in-one video karaoke software designed to show how to make karaoke video clips from the comfort of your own home and ensure a wonderful pastime.

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