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Karaoke CD+G Creator

Colors event allows to change colors for text (both normal and highlighted), effects, background, and border.




Colors change will affect all words after the event. We do not recommend changing background and border colors in the middle of the page, only after of immediately before Clear screen events.


With Colors event it is possible to change the sweep mode from highlighting text to highlighting the text outline. To do this select the same color for normal and highlighted text, and then select different colors for normal and highlighted effects. Also make sure to enable Outline text effects in CD+G Settings dialog box.


Due to CD+G format limitations (only 16 colors can be used at one time) if you use too many color changes on one screen you may experience problems (you will not the colors that you want). We advice to use no more than 6 color sets with disabled effects and no more that 3 color sets with enabled effects.


pro only Color event needs to be used cautiously if you choose to display image using Set text area event, as the maximum number of colors on screen is 16, and usually image uses up to 10. With one color for background and one for border this leaves 4 colors for text -- that is 2 color sets with no effects and only one with effects enabled.