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Using CD+G Events

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Karaoke CD+G Creator gives you the full control over the CD+G track you create. You may change the text properties, colors, and display images anywhere in the song. These extra options are available by the means of CD+G events. CD+G event is executed after the preceding word is painted or highlighted (it depends of the event, eg. Clear screen is triggered after highlighting, while Colors event during painting).


You work with CD+G events in lyrics editor. They are displayed as boxes with text describing the type of the event.




In order to insert a CD+G event position the cursor in the place the event should be inserted and click Insert Event button on the lyrics pane toolbar (toolbar-insertevent) or  select Insert CD+G event menu command from Edit menu. Insert CD+G Event dialog box will appear, allowing you to select the event type from the list.




Below is the list of events available in Karaoke CD+G Creator. Please remember that some of them are available in Pro version only. After you select the type of the event another dialog box is displayed that allows to set the properties of the selected event type.


Clear Screen

Causes a screen to be erased after the last word before the event becomes highlighted


Allows to change colors for text (both normal and highlighted), effects, background, and border


Inserts countdown mark before the next word that helps the singer to start on time

Display Image

Allows to display an image on the screen. Before the picture is displayed the screen is cleared.


Allows to change the coloring of the text to visualize the change of a singer
pro only In Pro version duets can be parallel

pro only Overprint Image

Allows to display the image anywhere on the text. It may also be used to erase a part of the screen

pro only Set Text Area

Using this event you may display the image and the text on screen at the same time. It also allows to change the portion of the screen that is used to display the lyrics

Text Settings

Allows to modify the properties of the text


Events can be edited. To edit an event double-click it in the lyrics editor or right-click it and select CD+G Event Properties command from pop-up menu.


Events can be deleted like other text. There is one more editing feature available for events -- you may copy event and insert it in some other place in the song. to do this right-click an event to copy and select Copy Event command. Now right-click in the place you want the copy of the event to appear and select Paste CD+G Event command from pop-up menu.