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Karaoke CD+G Creator

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Modifying CD+G settings

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Usually you will want to adjust CD+G parameters to your liking. To open CD+G Settings dialog box click CD+G Settings button on the toolbar (toolbar cdgsettings) or select CD+G Settings command from Create menu.





This setting specifies which font will be used for the lyrics and how large the letters should be. If you are trading you PKD files make sure that you use fonts that are installed on the destination computer.

Text Effects

Select the text effect you want to apply. You have the choice of Outline (you may choose the size of the outline), Shadow and Heavy shadow. The color of the text effects can be set in Colors dialog box.


You may enable any of the following text effects:



Text effects are disabled


Text is outlined by a single pixel


A one pixel shadow is added to text

Heavy shadow

A two pixel shadow is added to text

Outline (2-5 pixels)

An outline of a selected width is added to the text


The color of the effect is controled separately from the color of the text. By default efects are painted in black.


Note: Enabling text effects decrease the speed of display the text. For the fast-paced songs it is recommended to disable the text effects.

Vertical alignment

Allows to change the placement of the lines of the text. You may select Center, Top, or Bottom which would place the text at the appropriate part of the screen, or choose Space evenly, which makes sure that the first line is at the top, the last at the bottom, and all the spaces between the lines are equal.

Horizontal alignment

This setting controls the way the individual lines of text are placed. You have the choice of Center, Left, and Right.

Lines per screen

Allows to specify the maximum number of lines to be shown. Note that if the font size is too large, the actual number of lines may be lower.

Additional spacing

The number of pixels to insert between the lines.

Squeeze text and do not break lines

When this option is selected Karaoke CD+G Creator will not break lines -- it will resize it horizontally so every line fits the screen. This may help placing the text in the song, but if the lines are too long may decrease the readability of the text.

Sweep words

Uncheck this option if you want to highlight the entire word at once, instead of coloring it gradually as it is sung.

Syllable separator

Allows to select the character that separates syllables in the song text. By default the syllable separator is a hyphen (-).

Hard space

This option allows to change the default character that will be displayed as a space, but does not split the word (e.g. hard_space will be treated as a single word). By default the hard space character is an underline (_).


Allows to change the background, border and text color. Simply choose the appropriate color from the list or use More button to select the custom color.


pro only

Display mode

You may also select the text display mode. Choosing Page by page will result in the standard paged display. Overwrite will disable the screen erasing and the new words will overwrite the already sang. And Scrolled mode will generate the long flow of text that will move upwards with the highlighted line always in the middle.

Mode information on display modes can be found in Display modes section.


This group of options allows to select the pictures that are to appear before the song and after the song. By default these pictures are disabled. Checking Insert silence to accommodate the picture ensures that the title picture will not interfere with the flow of the song (this option works for BIN files only).

To learn more about using images in Karaoke CD+G Creator see Images section.


You may save a current set of options and use it later for different song using the Save button. To invoke the preset select if from a pop-down list. To delete the existing preset use Delete button.


Apply button will update the preview window of lyrics editor so that you will see the changes you have made (you may have to move CD+G Settings dialog to show preview window beneath it).