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Karaoke CD+G Creator

To apply a predefined visual style to your song click Styles button on the toolbar (toolbar styles) or select Styles command from Create menu.


styles dialog


Song details section of the dialog box allows you to enter title of the song, artist name, and text that will be displayed as your company information (probably something like Presented to you by DOBLON). Credits are displayed after the song is finished.


Tip: To force a new line in Title, Artist, or Company name fields, use ^ character.


What is style?

Karaoke CD+G Creator allows to set styles for:

Title: image displayed before the song

Credits: image displayed after the song is finished

Song: colors, text formatting, page layout, and image (in Pro version only) of the lyrics


Each of this styles can be applied individually, or it is possible to use presets.


Style preset combo box allows to select one of predefined templates. It will change all styles in Applied styles. You may store your combination of Title, Song, and Credit styles using Add button. To save changed combination use Save button. Delete button removes your preset from the list.


Applied styles lists styles used for each of the sections of the song. To change the style select it in Applied styles list and then choose the new style from Available styles combo. Selecting (Unused) will disable the style.


Style editor button starts Style Editor dialog box which allows you to create your own styles.


Preview window displays the preview of the style selected in Applied styles list.


Selected styles will be applied to the song when you select OK button.