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Karaoke CD+G Creator

Duet event allows to change the current duet mode.


In regular version of Karaoke CD+G Creator duet mode changes the coloring and alignment of the text to visualize the change of a singer.


pro only In Pro version with full duet mode enabled duets can be parallel. The upper part of the screen is taken by Singer 1, and the lower by Singer 2. The lyrics for each of the singers are highlighted independently. Please see Creating duets section for more information.




All words after the event will be colored according to the selected mode. Three duet modes are available:


Singer 1

Singer 2



You may view and change the predefined coloring and alignment assigned to duet modes by clicking Duet settings button.




Mode allows to change the duet mode that you would like to modify. Only Singer 1 and Singer 2 modes are available -- for Both Karaoke CD+G Creator uses global CD+G settings for the song (as defined in CD+G Settings dialog box).


Color and Highlight allows you to change the color of the text assigned to the selected mode, while Alignment controls the alignment of the text assigned to the selected mode.


pro only In Pro version you are also able to set lines count and vertical alignment for each of duet modes.


The duet settings are global for the song.


Note: Colors and Text settings flags overwrite the duet settings.