Karaoke DVD Burner

Make karaoke DVD discs from CD+G songs and AVI or MP4 videos. Karaoke DVD Burner is powerful software to compile and burn DVD video karaoke discs from CD+G and MP3G files.
Play your favorite karaoke songs on standard DVD player! Create DVD discs with hundreds of songs!

Buy Karaoke DVD Burner($49)  Download Karaoke DVD Burner

Karaoke DVD Burner allows you to:

  • Create DVD karaoke discs with compilations of CD+G songs
  • Convert several CD+G discs into single DVD disc
  • Burn karaoke discs using your computer's DVD writer
  • Make discs containing hundreds of songs
  • Burn MP3G files to DVD discs
  • Easily select songs from DVD disc using multilevel menus
  • Create your own look and feel of a disc
  • Scan hard disc for karaoke songs and place them on DVD

Karaoke DVD Burner Screen

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Karaoke DVD Burner costs $49 USD.
If you have purchased our software in the past you can get Karaoke DVD Burner for $39.

Buy Karaoke DVD Burner($49)  Download Karaoke DVD Burner

Karaoke DVD Burner is a user-friendly solution to create karaoke DVDs.

  • Create DVD discs with compilations of CD+G songs
    Karaoke DVD Burner can use BIN, MP3G (pairs of CDG and MP3) files from your hard disc or you may read songs directly from CD+G discs using build-in CD+G disc reader. You may also use AVI or MP4 videos.
    Important notice: to read CD+G discs your CD-ROM drive has to be able to extract CD+G subcodes. Most of modern drives are capable of this, but we cannot guarantee it will work on all devices. Use a trial version to see if your CD-ROM drive works fine before you purchase this program.

    Karaoke DVD Burner Add CD+G Track

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  • Burn DVD discs on any computer DVD writer - no special equipment is required.
  • Karaoke DVD disc created with our software will play on any DVD player.
  • You may fit up to 300 karaoke songs per disc using standard compression settings.
  • Karaoke DVD Burner automatically creates menus for a DVD disc.
    • Use folders to organize your songs. The root menu of the DVD disc will contain the folder list (it may span onto several pages if necessary) and menu items will lead to submenus with actual songs. This allows you to arrange songs in alphabetic order, you may order it by genre, or by the disc songs came from. Menus are created automatically and navigation buttons are added if needed.

      Karaoke DVD Burner submenus

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    • You may also use flat directory structure. DVD disc created with this setting will have only one level of menus, containing all songs. If all songs will not fit one page, subsequent menus will be created and navigation buttons will be added to the menus.

      Karaoke DVD Burner flat menus

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  • Smart add function allows to scan the disc for karaoke files and automatically create folders based on ID3 tags or file names. You may easily organize your karaoke songs in alphabetic order or by CD+G disc ID.

    Karaoke DVD Burner Smart Add

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  • Create Disc Wizard allows to create and burn DVD disc in three simple steps
  • Use predefined video karaoke DVD styles or define your own with built-in Style Editor.

System requirements: Karaoke DVD Burner works on Windows 8 (both 32 and 64 bit), Windows 7, Windows XP, and Vista. 1 GHz or faster processor, 512 MB RAM, and 32-bit display.
To read CD+G discs your drive needs to be able to read CD+G subcodes - most of them do, but please download the evaluation version to make sure.

Do not take our word for it. Download the evaluation version now and see it in action.

For detailed information please read our program online manual.

Karaoke DVD Burner costs $49 USD.
If you have purchased our software in the past you can get Karaoke DVD Burner for $39.

Buy Karaoke DVD Burner($49)  Download Karaoke DVD Burner

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