Karaoke CD+G Creator Pro

Karaoke CD+G Creator Pro software is a professional extension to Karaoke CD+G Creator

Buy Karaoke CD+G Creator Pro($159)  Download Karaoke CD+G Creator Pro

Please read Karaoke CD+G Creator description first - all features are also available in Pro version.

Additional features of Pro karaoke song creator include:

Additional display modes

  • Use overwrite mode to keep-in-sync with fast-paced karaoke songs
  • Use scrolling mode to give the singer as many words as possible

Karaoke duets

  • Split screen duet mode
  • Concurrent singer highlighting
  • Multilanguage versions

Mix pictures and text

  • Define the alignment of the picture and scale it to arbitrary size
  • Display the picture anywhere at the screen and define the rectangle for the lyrics Example (read more)
  • Display pictures in the middle of the text Example (read more)
  • Display and erase pictures anywhere on the screen and synchronize them with the karaoke song Example (read more)
  • Use time synchronization for Display Image events (read more)

International character support

  • Unicode-compatible
  • Define the font and codepage to use in lyrics editor
  • Use right-to-left text flow for Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, and other languages

Custom lyrics import

  • Import lyrics and synchronization from a text file - use your own format (read more)

Batch processing

  • Convert several MIDI files at once (read more)
  • Generate multiple CDG/BIN files in a batch mode (read more)

Click here to view the feature chart with the differences between regular and Pro karaoke creator programs, and to see what has been added in comparison to Karaoke CD+G Creator.

Karaoke CD+G Creator Pro costs $159 USD. You may upgrade your Karaoke CD+G Creator to Pro version anytime - see our price list.


Buy Karaoke CD+G Creator Pro($159)  Download Karaoke CD+G Creator Pro

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Which product is best for me?


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