PartyTime karaoke subscription

Use online catalog of over 20000 songs from PartyTyme and play them in Siglos Karaoke Professional

Add over 20,000 songs from PartyTyme online catalog to Siglos Karaoke Professional database

Starting from version Siglos Karaoke Professional allows to use PartyTyme karaoke collection.

Accumulating a karaoke song collection for your show can take time and money. When you start you do not know which songs will you need and what your customers want. With PartyTyme subscription service you are set from day one. For just $49.00 per month (or $499 per year) you get access to over 20,000 songs all searchable from Siglos Karaoke Professional database. And as PartyTyme adds new songs every months, your collection grows and grows.

All the songs are streamed online, so you do not need to download anything or set things up beforehand, while you still get the best HD quality. Working internet connection is required for this to work.

The songs are licensed for professional usage, just as you would expect, so no surprises here (venue owner needs to pay ASCAP-BMI-SESAC thought.) They all have high-quality audio and HD video quality for the best possible experience.

How does it work

For the time your subscription is active all songs from PartyTyme catalog are added to your Siglos Professional database and are available for playback and search. They also work in a remote queue.

How to buy

In Siglos Karaoke Professional open Settings, select KJ cont. tabs and click PartyTyme online catalog button. In the next window click Create Account button. When you already have a subscription you enter your username and password.

Alternatively you may purchase the subscription by clicking here.
Don't forget to enter your data in Siglos.

What songs are included

Click here to view the entire song catalog from PartyTyme

Can I print the list of the songs?

Yes, use Generate song list command from Tools menu of Songs Database to create a PDF printout

What happens if I do not like the subscription?

Subscription has 7-day free trial, so you do not risk anything.

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