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Best Karaoke Software for PC

If you are looking for powerful software tools to make karaoke with video and various text effects, burn karaoke CDs and DVDs, you’ve come to the right place, as Power Karaoke offers you the best karaoke software for PC that allows creating your own karaoke songs, tracks, movies and even shows!

You can do a lot with our best karaoke software for PC while with a DVD or CD karaoke discs you can only listen to the music and watch videos. Disc features are limited, but the computer technologies are powerful enough for creating your own karaoke files without any hassles. Besides, these programs for making karaoke are supplied with step-by-step tutorials that will teach you how to make karaoke with video, display images, different text colors, alignments and much more!

The best karaoke software for PC from Power Karaoke includes several high-quality tools for making karaoke with videos, synchronized lyrics, background animations, images, etc. without any hassles. You will be able to record and sing karaoke songs, create your own karaoke CD+G tracks and remove vocals from any song in just a few mouse clicks. And even more - with our best karaoke software for PC you can create your own collection of CD+G and DVD discs with favorite songs.

Do you feel that something is missing apart from delicious food and drinks that are served at your party? Download our programs for making karaoke and surprise your guests with your own karaoke show. Use the best karaoke software for PC from Power Karaoke and make karaoke with videos and various visual effects for a wonderful pastime.

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