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MIDI Karaoke Player Software

Would you like to know a secret of those karaoke singers who are very popular at karaoke parties and clubs? How did they become so popular? The answer is simple as 1-2-3! If you want to come on the stage and perform your favorite song, but are scared of public performance, you need to practice your singing skills at home. Power Karaoke is here to provide both professional and amateur singers with the best karaoke software tools for a computer that come with all the features needed to sing karaoke with family and friends.

Our Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder is an all-in-one MIDI karaoke player designed to turn your computer into a fully-functional karaoke machine just in a matter of minutes! This advanced program allows you to play MIDI karaoke files, KMA, BIN, zipped MP3G, CD+G songs and even other multimedia formats supported by Windows (AVI or MPEG) just from your PC.

Whether you are a professional singer looking to practice your singing or extend repertory or an amateur who would like to develop own singing skills, our MIDI karaoke player software is an ideal answer to your related needs. From now on you can practice your singing skills at your own pace and without the necessity to leave your home. Are you impressed? We have something more for you! Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder even allows to record your voice while singing along. Having a recorded version of your singing at hand, you can correct your mistakes or mix your singing with the music and allow your friends listen to your performance.

While offering one of the best karaoke software solutions available on the market, we can give you some useful tips. If you are afraid to get up on stage, try to sing karaoke as often as possible. Actually, your PC is not just a PC anymore � this is an advanced karaoke machine allowing you to play MIDI karaoke files and CD+G discs without any limitations. When you sing at home, close your eyes and imagine a crowd standing in front of you. This will help you feel more comfortable in front of the real audience.

Our MIDI karaoke player software is useful for both home entrainment and running a karaoke show. While other karaoke player programs usually have a messy interface, poor graphics and complicated functions, Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder is designed to be as easy-to-use as possible. It uses graphical interface that any computer user can operate with.

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