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Video Karaoke Maker Software

Making karaoke videos is an excellent choice for those, who are looking to organize an innovative karaoke party at home to impress guests or just enjoy karaoke entertainment to the fullest. But the question still remains how to make karaoke videos from the comfort of your own home and without expensive karaoke equipment. Power Karaoke is here to provide each and every karaoke fan with full-featured video karaoke maker software designed to make a karaoke video of professional quality virtually in no time.

Rest assured that our Karaoke Video Creator includes all the tools and features needed for making karaoke videos on your home computer. Now you can make a karaoke video by using any MP3 or WAV files as soundtracks and also fine-tune your clips with images, background animations and various text effects. Additionally, this feature-rich video karaoke maker software allows you to create karaoke movies in MPEG, AVI, VideoCD and DVD formats, which are fully compatible with current video standards.

Whether you are an advanced computer user or a non-technical newbie, you will find out that with our Karaoke Video Creator making karaoke videos is really easy. The detailed tutorial included with this user-friendly video karaoke maker software will show you how to create karaoke videos in just a few steps. Moreover, while allowing you to make professional karaoke clips with lyrics displayed, our advanced program provides you with the opportunity to easily make karaoke versions of your favorite songs by removing vocals from non-karaoke recordings with our Power Vocal Remover.

You don’t need a professional karaoke sound studio or expensive equipment anymore � just take advantage of our top-notch quality video karaoke maker software and start creating karaoke videos to enjoy your singing to the fullest.

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