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Karaoke Computer Programs

Karaoke singing is definitely one of the best activities for those willing to spend a wonderful pastime with family and friends. In such a way, if you or your beloved ones are fond of karaoke and spend much time going out to karaoke clubs for this thrilling entertainment, then you have probably thought at least once about enjoying karaoke pleasure from the comfort of your own home.

PowerKaraoke.com takes special pride being a one-stop online destination for karaoke funs from all over the world, by offering a comprehensive selection of the best karaoke programs designed to turn your standard home computer into a sophisticated karaoke machine. Every one of our programs for karaoke is a full-fledged, yet affordably priced solution offering multiple features and opportunities to improve your karaoke singing experience and give it a personal touch.

The first and indispensable PC program for karaoke singing at home is going to be a karaoke player. For karaoke enthusiasts we offer two exclusive types of computer karaoke players: Power CD+G Player Pro and Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder 2 - both able to empower your home PC or laptop with the functionality of a standalone karaoke machine. While Power CD+G Player Pro is a basic CD+G karaoke player program, an ideal solution for any computer user, Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder 2 provides more advanced functionality for those willing to organize a fantastic karaoke party at home. It supports almost all karaoke file formats including CD+G, MIDI, MP3, MP3G, BIN, KMA, includes the smart key changer tool to let you choose the key fitting ideally your vocal range, allows to record yourself while singing along, add background images, etc.

If you find the opportunity of creating your own karaoke discs a wonderful idea, then you can take advantage of our Power CD+G Burner or Karaoke DVD Burner - one of the best karaoke programs available on the market today for burning CD+G and DVD karaoke discs. As a multifunctional software solution Power CD+G Burner makes it easy to burn CD+G discs using your standard CD/DVD drive, save (rip) and copy CD+G tracks directly to your hard drive just with a few mouse clicks. With the help of Karaoke DVD Burner you can use CD+G tracks, MP3G or AVI files to compile and burn your own custom DVDs with hundreds of songs and play them either from your PC or on any standard DVD player.

The new generation of karaoke creator solutions from Power Karaoke - Karaoke CD+G Creator and Karaoke Video Creator - are designed to let you create exclusive karaoke copies of your favorite songs you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Use our Karaoke CD+G Creator to create your own karaoke CD+G tracks from scratch taking any MP3, WAV, MIDI files as a soundtrack. Feel yourself as a real movie maker by taking advantage of our Karaoke Video Creator - a sophisticated program for karaoke video creation.

If you are a professional KJ, we also have something to offer you - Siglos Karaoke Professional. It is one the best karaoke programs for running professional and fantastic karaoke shows. It will let you take your performance up to the next level.

You will also find very useful our Power CD+G to Video Karaoke Converter 2 allowing to convert CD+G tracks to karaoke videos compatible with regular DVD players and many other playing devices, including mobile ones. Power CD+G to MP4 Karaoke Converter will let you turn your iDevice into a portable karaoke player by converting CD+G files into MP4 karaoke videos.

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