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Software to Burn Karaoke DVD Discs, Make a Karaoke DVD from CD+G

Advanced Karaoke DVD Burner

You don’t need to be a professional karaoke jockey or have an expensive karaoke equipment to make a custom karaoke discs collection. The question of how to burn karaoke DVDs without spending a fortune is easily answered by a full-featured Karaoke DVD Burner program from Power Karaoke. We specialize on the development of different software types for karaoke amateurs and professionals to enhance their karaoke singing experience.

We are proud to offer you sophisticated, feature-rich and still affordable software to burn karaoke DVD discs from the comfort of your own home. From now on you can make karaoke DVDs from CD+G songs, AVI files or MP3G tracks easily.

Our advanced Karaoke DVD Burner allows you to burn songs directly from a CD+G disc or you can use karaoke tracks from your hard disc. For your ultimate convenience you can also choose the way folders with songs will be created: by genre, in alphabetic order or by karaoke disc the songs came from. For those expecting advanced results from the burning process, it includes a subtitles system that can give your project a professional touch you are looking for. In addition, you can use predefined DVD styles or define your own with built-in Style Editor while you burn karaoke DVDs.

Your computer doesn’t have to be equipped with any additional hardware or applications to make a karaoke DVD from CD+G or AVI tracks � your standard DVD writer is quite enough to accomplish this task.

If you want to see all the benefits of our advanced Karaoke DVD Burner in action before initial purchase, download a free trial version now. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can come back to PowerKaraoke.com anytime and order a full version of Karaoke DVD Burner to enjoy advanced functionality and regular software updates.

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